Fee for Intervention

If you are breaking health & safety laws, HSE may recover its costs from you by charging a fee for the time and effort it spends on helping you to put the matter right, investigating and taking enforcement action.   More information is available at www.hse.gov/fee-for-intervention/index.htm

Working at Heights Regulations

Duty holders must ensure:

  • All work at height is properly planned and organised.
  • Those involved in work at height are competent.
  • The risks from work at height are assessed and appropriate work equipment is selected and used.
  • The risks from fragile surfaces are properly controlled.
  • Equipment for work at height is properly inspected and maintained.

More information available from www.hse.gov.uk/falls

First Aid

Posters available to give first aiders extra help in an emergency.  One for Basic Advice on First Aid at Work, the other for Electric Shock: First Aid Procedures.  Available from www.hsebooks.co.uk or telephone 01787 881165.

Guidelines for First Aid cover: 
1 - 5 employees - at least 1 Appointed Person (1 day course)
5 - 50 employees - at least 1 First Aider (3 day course)

Fire Safety

Do you have a Fire Action Plan?  Do you have Fire Risk Assessments carried out?  Do you have a nominated competent person - trained as a Fire Marshal?   Courses available, please email or call for more information and to book places.

Forklift Truck Refresher - 1 day

Do your forklift truck drivers need a refresher?  It is recommended for anyone  who was trained 4 or more years ago, or anyone who may have had a near miss or accident.




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